What is an ice pick headache really?

You might have a clue what an ice pick is. Try to image the feeling to get hurt by an ice pick. That is how an ice pick headache feels. An intense piercing pain coming from nowhere and attacks your head. Ice pick headaches are often very sudden and with little or no premonition at all. This is not your everyday headache! The pain can attack different areas of your head but is often felt on one side of your head. When you get an ice pick headache for the first time it can be really scary. The pain doesn’t always manifest while you are awake it could wake you up in the middle of the night too. This type of headache doesn’t last very long, often for a few seconds to a few minutes. The official name for the ice pick headache is primary stabbing headache. Some call it stabbind headache.

People who get these kinds of headache often suffer from reoccuring headaches. Since the duration is so short most people don’t get any medication for this disorder since the pain will be away before any medication has been taken and even if you would be able to take medication in time it would have enough time to work for that specific attack.

Around 4 out of 10 people who suffer from migraine headache experience ice pick headaches. And the pain often comes in the same area as the “normal” headaches. Luckily not all people suffer from this horrible pain and the pople who get this type of headache are around middleage and rarely children and teenagers. When experiencing this type of headache it can be worsened by light, physical activity and stress.