Wake up with headache everyday?

The reason why many people wake up with a headache everyday can come from many things. It could be a bad nights sleep, lack of water (dehydration), not visiting the toilet when you actually need to pee, you drank too much the day before, you ate something bad, you’re stressed out, drinking to much caffeine. Thinking back on what you did before you went to bed might be a good option since it can help to rule out the most obvious reasons as a i stated before. If you didn’t have a headache when you went to bed and still get them when you wake up it has to be triggered when you are in your bed, or when you are sleeping. Try to check under which conditions you are sleeping, is it dark enough, any loud noises? Many people underestimate the importance of having a and quiet room to sleep in. The hormons which helps us get a good nights sleep is called melatonin and depends of how dark it is. Many people doesn’t change their sleeping habits but supplement with medicated man-made melatonin. There are quite few melatonin side effects but I personally recommend doing it the natural way. Another thing is that it might be too dirty where you sleep, try to clean your room where you sleep (or your house really) to get rid of all the dust particles that swirl around in your house… the list goes on.

One thing many people can’t figure out themselves are that they might be clenching/grinding their teeth while they are sleeping. When you are grinding your teeth on your sleep your cheeck muscles get tense and so does many muscles in your neck too. This is why so many people wake up with a headache every morning, by grinding their teeth. Try to visit a doctor to get some help with this, and it is actually quite easy to fix, but it might be hard to find. By solving this problem you might just solve your chronic headache problem which have always bothered you in the early mornings.

Try to go trough a sleep study to find out why might be causing your headaches, it can be many things. And it is just not worth it to start the day by having a bad headache and not knowing why, it really sucks, trust me I know how it feels to wake up every day with a migraine and you really don’t want to spend all your time consumed by pain. Try to treat your headaches as soon as you possibly can and get to know how to stop them. Maybe you will wake up with a smile everyday instead, how’s that for a change?