Migraine headache treatment

The three most common methods of migraine headaches treatment are:

  • Trigger avoidance
  • Symptomatic control
  • Preventive treatment

Trigger avoidance
This means that you should try to avoid the things that “trigger” your migraine headache. A lot of people suffering from headaches get the from things they eat, for example: chocolate, ice cream and cheese. Not eating these things may help not getting a migraine in the first place. Avoiding these things only helps for people who get headaches from triggering foods. Some studies even show that certain weathers can trigger migraine. This can be because of the change in temperature and humidity.

Symptomatic control
This is basically trying to control the symptoms of migraine headaches by taking certain drugs without prescription. Some of the most common drugs are paracetamol, aspirin, ibuprofen and excedrin. Over 50% of the pople taking a dose of 1000 mg experienced a positive effect on their migraine pain. Aspirin and ibuprofen have similar results. Exedrin is a mixture of both aspirin but also caffeine which supposedly should have a positive effect on migraine.

Preventive treatment
Preventive treatment means that you do something to prevent the migraine from occuring. Such actions could be physical, like increased excerise (i.e. running). It can also be nutritional supplements but also in forms of taking a prophylactic drug. Prophylactic means preventive and shouldn’t be compared to drugs as paracetamol and aspirin which have a post-headache treatment. These drugs has to be taken on a daily basis during a few weeks and most people taking prophylactic drugs suffers from a very severe and reoccuring migraine headaches (two or more migraines per month, lasting three or more days per month). People taking preventive drugs as a migraine headaches treatment have probably gone to a neurologist for advice. Since these drugs are on prescribtion there aren’t much choice anyway.

On a sidenote I could also add that treatments like massage, acupuncture and relaxation excersises have also got positive results on some patients. Many people get migraine after being stressed, the stress itself could be a factor but indirectly the stress being cause to tense muscles. In this case massage and acupuncture could be a very good selfhelp treatment and is probably on of the better treatments for your headaches. But dealing with headaches rarely an easy thing to treat, it’s not like reading tips for getting rid of acne, treatments for headaches can vary a lot and every person suffering from it should not fall for easy-over-night-remedies.