Migraine headache triggers

There are many things that can cause a migraine headache, things that gets you a migraine headache are called migraine headache triggers. The most general triggers to migraine headache triggers are; physical activity, stress (anxiety or worry), menstruation, strong odors like perfume. Most people have got a headache or migraine from either of these. Every other migraine can be triggered could be excessive sleep, high humidity, head trauma (accidents involving your head) and drinking cold water (or eating cold things). These triggers i mentioned above are called general triggers which are the most common ones causing a migrain headache but there are also other categories which involve medication and food, medication triggers and food triggers. You’ve probably read on a medication prescription that sideeffects could include headaches or migraine, but it doesn’t mean everyone gets a migraine triggered from medication, some get it some don’t. Food triggers are quite common and a migraine could be triggered by eating foods like chocolate, alcohol (red wine mostly), cold food (ice cream, ice cubes in drinks etc) and aged cheese.