Cluster headaches

Cluster headaches is propably the worst type of headache you can possibly get. It is also said that cluster headaches is the most severe pain a human can experience. The name “cluster” is reffering to the characteristics of the headache because it comes during periods, often for as long as a month. Some people get them once every year, some have longer lasting periods than others. The attacks comes rather quick with no pre-pain phases whatsoever. An attack could last anything from 15 minutes to several hours and in rare cases a few days. Female patients have descibed the pain as much more severe as when having to make birth. What triggers these cluster headaches are a bit of a mystery but some people claim it could trigger from stress and small amounts of alcohol. Around 8 out of 10 people who suffer from cluster headaches is men. A person who have a cluster headache often have these symptoms:

  • A runny nose or tearing from the eye
  • Stopped-up nose
  • Swollen and a drooping eyelid
  • Sweating from you forehead/face
  • The pupil gets smaller
  • Eyes get red

The treatment of cluster headaches are very difficult. Most of the people suffering from the disease are smokers so quiting that habit could be a good first start. There are some medicines on subscription which could help, there is one nosespray which you take when you get an attack and is supposedly to work within 10 minutes of the attack. The headache has also been called “Suicide headache” because of the undescribable pain the person experiences.