Botox injections for migraine relief?

You probably heard of injecting Botox to get bigger lips, look younger by injecting Botox under your wrinkles and so on. As a matter of fact patients who was tested with the effects of Botox got positive results on their migraine and sinus issues after the treatment. Not really what they expected! Thanks to this discovery many people gets Botox treatments to get rid of their migraines, not as a cosmetic treatment, but as a medical remedy.

Well… but “How” does it work then you ask. Most of the migraines treated with Botox are tension type headaches. If lets say you have tension in your forehead, neck and shoulders you could then inject Botox in those muscles. The botulinum toxin which is a part of the Botox will have a reducing effect on muscle tension and cause less stress to the nervous system. This will cause the headache to decrease dramatically. It is also said that Botox would block pain receptors in your nerve cells, decreasing the risk of having another migraine attack.

I suggest you talk to your local doctor/physician before starting any Botox treatment.